Bankruptcy Resources

Bankruptcy is all about getting a fresh financial start. Like most things in life there is a right way and a wrong way to reestablish your credit. We are providing some information which we believe may be useful in understanding what you can do. There are no “silver bullets” – just practical ways to gradually build a positive credit report.

Ways To Build Credit After Bankruptcy

  • Make all payments on time. This specifically means your mortgage and vehicle payments.
  • Avoid getting credit cards or get only one card and use it only in an emergency. Pay off any balances immediately and on time.
  • Open a savings account and make monthly additions to show a consistent pattern of saving money.
  • Join a credit union and establish a savings account. Credit unions can probably help with consumer loans, including: vehicle loans, as you establish a pattern of saving money and build a nest egg.
  • Avoid temptations to acquire new property or take out loans at predatory rates to get unnecessary items.
  • Use your newly established credit wisely. Credit is borrowed money, not free money, and should only be used for essentials.

Avoid Credit Repair Services

There are a lot scams and hustlers who prey on people’s desires to quickly regain a strong financial credit rating. Everyone wants to believe this is possible but it is not true and will undoubtedly cause problems.

You do not need to hire anyone to receive your credit report or to dispute information shown on your credit report. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can challenge information that you believe is inaccurate. If the reporting credit agency cannot verify the accuracy of the disputed information they must remove it.

You are entitled to receive a free report each year from the three major credit reporting agencies. This is not automatically provided. You will need to contact each agency and request your report. We have provided their information on this page.

Credit Counseling Services

Consumer Credit Counseling Service of San Francisco
595 Market Street
Suite 1500
San Francisco, CA 94105
Phone: 800-777-7526

CCCS of San Francisco
70 Stony Point Road Suite C
Santa Rosa, CA 94108
Phone: 800-777-7526
English and Spanish

Tides Center
1014 Torney Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94129
Phone: 415-561-6300

N. California Federal Courts

99 South E. Street
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
Info & Directions

San Francisco/San Mateo
235 Pine Street
19th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
Info & Directions

Contra Costa/Alameda
1300 Clay Street
Suite 300
Oakland, CA 94612
Info & Directions

Santa Clara/Santa Cruz
280 S. First Street
Room 3035
San Jose, CA 95113-3099
Info & Directions

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