Bankruptcy Questions and Answers

What is bankruptcy?
Bankruptcy is the legal option for a debtor to discharge or relieve debt and get a fresh financial start. Bankruptcy laws determine eligibility to file, regulate what chapter bankruptcy you must file, what debts can be discharged and all other details.

Will bankruptcy ruin my credit score?
Filing bankruptcy creates a new beginning however your bankruptcy can show on your credit report for 7-10 years. Your credit report will show your filing date and date of discharge and add new credit information, good or bad, that you earn. Often, bankruptcy clients can later find special loans to purchase vehicles and other consumer items.

Can bankruptcy protect me from creditor lawsuits and claims?
Yes. Filing a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy immediately stops all collection activity. Our firm can almost certainly stop the suit, garnishment or claim filed against you.

Can bankruptcy stop a repossession of my vehicle?
It depends upon which chapter you file however your car will probably not be repossessed. In some cases your loan may be restructured, often at a lower interest rate, and allow you to keep your vehicle.

Can bankruptcy stop foreclosure on my home?
Yes, if you do not wait too late to file bankruptcy. If a foreclosure sale is completed it will terminate your rights to the property. We strongly advise you to beware of predatory lenders and other scams which promise they will either refinance your loan or arrange for an “investor” to bring current your mortgage and let you keep your house. In virtually every instance the predator will strategically wait until the last minute and then advise you that the financing fell through or that the investor wants to transfer title and pay off the mortgage. In either case you are left with the choice of foreclosure or letting the predator take your home and any equity you may have accrued.

How do I obtain a copy of my credit report?
You may contact the major credit reporting firms and request a copy of your credit report. In some cases there may be a small fee for this report. There are three major reporting agencies:




What Chapter should I file?
Everyone’s unique circumstances will determine which best chapter is most appropriate. There may be alternatives for you which dismiss the need to file for bankruptcy. We strongly advise you to call for a Free Consultation in order to get accurate and timely advice on your situation.

Am I required to complete a credit counseling course before I can file for bankruptcy?

Yes, it is a requirement. Anyone who files for bankruptcy must complete a credit counseling session from an approved provider prior to their case being filed.

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