Stopping Foreclosure, Repossessions and Collections

Foreclosure is a legal proceeding in which a creditor pursues legal action to take property that they have loaned money against that the debtor has defaulted on their obligation to make payments. Typically this applies to real property including homes, office buildings, undeveloped land and rental properties.

Repossessions and Collections may be initiated by any company to whom you owe money and have moved beyond their grace period. This can include secured debt such as vehicle loans which are subject to repossessions and unsecured debts which includes credit card companies, utility bills, medical bills, dental bills and similar obligations.

The Automatic Stay – Your Friend

The Automatic Stay is the term for the provision in bankruptcy law which stops all creditors from enforcing collections, repossessions and foreclosures when you file for bankruptcy protection. Filing bankruptcy is the only way to get the protection of the Automatic Stay. We can deliver this protection to you within days of being hired and receiving all of your information which is required by Federal bankruptcy courts.

What Does an Automatic Stay Do?

The Automatic Stay prevents creditors from taking action against you to satisfy a debt. The automatic stay will deliver immediate relief to you. Through bankruptcy filing we really can

  • STOP Home Foreclosure
  • STOP Vehicle Repossession
  • STOP Wage Garnishment
  • STOP Utility Shutoffs
  • STOP Harassing Collections Efforts

If you wait too late to file bankruptcy you can lose everything!

There is a point in time which can pass and you have lost all ability to stop foreclosures or repossessions. In some cases this can be in as little as thirty days from the time the notice is received by you. You need to act quickly to make certain that you do not lose your property. Do not rely on reassurances from your mortgage company or vehicle loan company – call an attorney today!

If you are facing these situations time is not on your side. You should immediately call our office to set an appointment with bankruptcy attorney Barbara Smart.

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